Seiji Okumiya Photography

Seiji was born in Kochi, Japan.
He began his photographic career at Toppan Printing Photo Studio and
worked as a full time assistant for Hiroshi Yoda.

Moving to London in 1986, as a London-based photographer,
his passion for photography developed more and more
while travelling all over the world –
encountering people, animals, life, nature and culture.

Seiji moved back to Tokyo in 2012 and established Anchovy Studio in 2013,
covering advertising, editorial, portraiture and commercial photography.


1995  Aroma– portraits (Daiwa Foundation, London)

1996  Bridge (group exhibition) (Daiwa Foundation, London)

1996-98 Daiwa Visual Arts Show (Britain & Japan)

2008  Zoo in the world (Ueno Zoo, Tokyo)

2018  Portrait of Derek Jarman (Readin’ Writin’ Tokyo)


1982  俺のバラード (Saburo Tokito, Sanrio)

2001  MF (Masaharu Fukuyama, Magazine House)

2008  世界の動物園 – Planet Zoo (Randomhouse Kodansha)

2012  風が笑えば (Collaboration with Machi Tawara, 中央公論新社)

2018 原発ガーデン(Eden in the shadow of Dungeness,百年書房)